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Biochem’s sports and fitness products take the complexity out of sports nutrition. Athletes looking to gain an advantage over their competitors are beginning to recognize the importance that nutrition plays in overall performance, wellness, and recovery.  Good nutrition gives an athlete an edge.

The products in this line are intended to meet both the immediate needs athletes have to support muscle maintenence and support recovery as well as their long-term requirements for general health and maintenance.***  Athletes need protein primarily to repair muscle that is broken down during exercise and helps to optimize carbohydrate storage in the form of glycogen.***  Each product in the Biochem line is unique and nutritionally balanced to provide a comprehensive approach to maximize workouts and fulfill individual requirements.

Our line of Ultra-Filtered/Micro-Filtered Whey Protein is the best available for athletes and other physically active people.  UF/MF Whey Protein Isolate has a more complete protein profile than other whey protein: it supports the whole athlete. Vegans who may have difficulty getting adequate protein can try our new 100% Vegan Protein Powder- made from isolated, highly digestible pea protein, organic hemp protein, and cranberry protein.  We have also added high protein bars to our line of products- perfect for those on the go.

The Biochem Sports and Fitness System is more than the most complete line of nutritional products and sports supplements on the market- it is also the smart approach to training.  By using scientific knowledge, sports physiology, and training expertise, we’ve created the highest quality and most innovative line of powders and bars available.  All of these products together with your personal commitment to training should enable you to capture the competitive edge.

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